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Chiropractic Care
for Children

Chiropractic Children's Healthcare established the first clinic in Australia to provide chiropractic care just for children.

Research at Chiropractic Children’s Healthcare

At Chiropractic Children’s Healthcare we are committed to improving our and the chiropractic professions care of infants and children through involvement in research. In addition to being Australia’s leading centre for the provision of chiropractic care for children Chiropractic Children’s Healthcare is also Australia’s leading centre for chiropractic paediatrics research.

Current Research Projects

Developmental outcomes in 5 year old children with plagiocephaly after chiropractic treatment as infants

Dr Keil and Dr O’Neil

Infants with head asymmetry (plagiocephaly) have been found by research to have increased incidence of developmental delays with the developmental delay becoming apparent as infants and progressing to increased risk of learning difficulties in primary school aged children. Research indicates that 33 to 40% of infants with plagiocephaly will experience learning difficulties in primary school (normal community levels of learning difficulties is 7-8%). Our research is investigating if chiropractic care as an infant reduces the incidence of learning difficulties in 5-7 year olds.

Past Research conducted at Chiropractic Children’s Healthcare

The recognition of craniosynostosis when managing patients with plagiocephaly: two case reports of lambdoid craniosynostosis

Dr Carrie O’Neil and Dr Adam Stewart

Paediatric Chiropractic and infant breastfeeding difficulties: a pilot case series study involving 19 cases

Dr Adam Stewart

Chiropractic management of a 22 month old child with syncope: a case report and suggested management within the chiropractic clinic

Dr Adam Stewart